About Us



It all began back in 2017 as a hobby of one of the founders, choosing gifts to family and friends. Who doesn't like to give presents to their loved ones, right? And that was the point when she found that it was very hard to find quality jewelry with good price. Fast forwarding events, that's how Like Charm was born, with a dream of helping women to have their own piece of the stars without having to put on sale a leg or an eye to afford it.



At Like Charm, we just don't want to sell you jewelries, we want to give you an unique experience, and that's why we always have you as our Muse to create our new exclusive jewelry collections.  

We invest in superior materials and high-end finishes to make your Like Charm purchase a true representation of affordable luxury. Because we believe every woman should be able to have a piece of the stars with her. We buy and design sophisticated, chic and breath-taking jewelry we know you'll love!



Different than traditional brick and mortar stores with hude costs & markups, by selling exclusively online, we are able to maintain fair prices on our jewelry. Which benefits our customers, allowing you to have access to beautiful high quality jewelry with the best prices available.


We promise we'll do everything we can to make shopping with us a great experience!
If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know! We have a dedicated team to assist you on any questions you may have.