Yes we know, the world have changed and social distancing may have put a damper on your dreamed proposal plans. It's hard we had to adapt every little thing in our lives. 

You may had planned an incredible trip with a hotel room covered in roses petals or even an intimate dinner at that famous and super fancy restaurant, and Covid-19 came and ruined your plans, isn't that right? But it doesn't have to be, as a matter of fact, now it is the perfect time to pop the question!

Between just you and us, what makes a proposal perfect? Is it a fancy dinner with everything prepared by the restaurant or a romantic thoughtfully planned propose, all done by you with the one you love in mind? Do I hear you answering the second option? Yes? Great! So now you're ready to plan the most romantic and unforgettable proposal to your special one.

And here are some ideas to help you on the process:


We have all been spending an exorbitant amount of time inside and walks on the beach are always welcome. Invite your love for a picnic, if you have access to a private beach, even better, put together nice dinner and get ready to pop the question with one of the most romantic scenarios with the soundtrack of the ocean in the background.


Do you remember those movies where the couple driving to a beautiful cliff where they see the whole city, and then they lay down on top of the car hood to watch the stars and enjoy that moment together? So why don't get inspired and make that become part of your special moment? Do it at your own pace, take something you love to eat, have a nice time, make it cute, cozy and memorable. 


Yes you read it right! If you make a point of having your families and close friends when you plan popping the question, so you should definitely look for a movie theater. Yup Covid affected everybody, and some of the biggest chains of movie theaters are offering private theater rentals for as little as $99 for up to 20 people. You can chose one of your favorite or a new release to enjoy and pop the question in the privacy and comfort of your on your own auditorium. Isn't that really cool?


Ring: The Amelia

It's just right. At your own private place, controlled environment, where you can invite as many people as you like, if any. You'll decide everything entirely, from the decoration to the menu. Whether is your own house, family's or friend's it is a great place, you can rest assured that won't be crowded and you both will be safe and sound.


Ring: The Fiorella Set

If your partner is a light sleeper, this can potentially go wrong, but if not you should definitely give it a shot. Slip the chosen ring onto your partner's finger while she/he is sleeping, wait and see how long it takes for her/him to notice the ring. Prepare a special breakfast in bed, maybe some champagne and get ready to celebrate your first morning as an engaged couple!

Now is the time to get creative and start planning your future with the love of your life. Wherever you're proposing, there's a perfect ring to go along with it. And if you are looking for an engagement ring that don't break your bank account, check our beautiful and affordable engagement rings collection. Check it out clicking here.

 We hope you liked our tips and let us know which one is your favorite.




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